hopper1 topimage  We currently are building grain bin hoppers from 14' to 24'. All      hoppers are built to the style of your grain bin (Westeel, Meridian    etc.). Our grain bin hoppers are built to order, this allows us to    customize as needed. We also build skids for existing hoppers.


hopper diameter

 standard feature header1

tubular steel legs manhole  
5'' x 5'' diameter tubular steel
legs, braced for extra stability.
14 gauge steel is used on all
cones up to 4,000 bushel
capacity. 12 gauge steel is
used on cones over 4,000
bushel capacity.
18'' easy access manholes
are a standard feature of all
hopper bottoms.

optional features




triple skid Aeration
Triple skid foundations are optional 
on all of our hopper bottoms to add
extra strength in the base. With triple
skid you get 3 times the sidewall 
strength of a standard tubular base.


Aeration ports are optional on all of
our hopper bottoms. You choose the
diameter to fit your aeration fans.